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Frequency and length of sessions

I see my clients for weekly sessions lasting one hour. I aim to see clients at the same time each week so that while we are working together, our sessions become a stable and reliable part of the client's week.

Weekly sessions are important to provide the continuity necessary for the development of a sound therapeutic relationship.

Building trust

In order for you to feel able to explore whatever issues are bringing you into therapy, it is necessary to build a relationship of trust.

Sometimes this can happen quite quickly and sometimes it can take time, especially if you have had experiences in the past when your trust has been broken.

I will listen to what you tell me without judging you, or giving advice. This helps to build a respectful atmosphere of confidentiality and acceptance, creating the right conditions to enable you to to use your sessions in the best way for you.

How change happens

I believe that what has happened to us in the past influences how we live our lives now. Often in therapy we find links between past experiences and current difficulties which can open the way to new insight and to making different choices in our lives.

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

I've said something about working creatively on the 'about me' page of this website. I see creative work as one of the tools I can offer clients to help them explore issues and deepen the therapeutic process.


Supervision is an opportunity for therapists to share and reflect upon our client work to enable us to be the best, most ethical and humane therapist we can. To do this I believe we need a safe space where we can be open and honest about our client work, both the things we feel we have done well and the things we would like to have done better.

I see my job as facilitating this process, providing elements of support and education with some administrative input as well. My intention is that supervision will be a non-threatening, inclusive, stimulating, enjoyable and growthful experience.

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